6 Items Every Man Cave Has to Have

When you or someone you know has a man cave, it’s a very masculine thing to have. Football games are watched here, drinks are consumed in the cave and much more. Decorating the man cave can be difficult because it shouldn’t look like the inside of a dorm room. It should have a little class and sophistication. There are 6 items that every man cave should have.


  1. Leather magazine holder. Magazines can pile up quickly in a man cave. Whether they are for sports or another kind of magazine, they should have a home – and not on the floor. This holder will provide a home for more than your fair share of magazines and that way you’ll always know where the latest issue of your favorite magazine is actually located.
  2. Mini Fridge. It’s only a cliché if it’s not true and let’s face it, it’s not really a man cave unless there is a mini fridge. You can have your favorite drink and have it ice cold and ready to pour whether it’s just you in there or a full room of people ready to hang out and watch the next game on the TV. Just make sure you have a large enough fridge to accommodate all those drinks if you’re expecting a lot of uninvited guests to your Football party.
  3. Leather coasters. Just because it’s a man cave doesn’t mean everyone has to forget their manners. Besides, with coasters you’ll never have to worry about getting the sports section wet with the condensation of your drink. These sturdy leather coasters will be perfect for keeping any surface nice and dry. Place them around the cave and everyone is sure to get the hint that they are to be used and not just looked at.
  4. Sports décor. Everything from wall clocks to banners, this site has everything needed to add a sports theme to any man cave. It can be college sports, baseball, football or anything in between and there is something on this site to don the walls, ceiling, counters and floors of the cave to give it an athletic, masculine feel.
  5. Leather Clipboard – Without the Clip. This padfolio is made of authentic leather and provides a full size legal pad to make notes. It can be placed on the wall or left on the counter so that you can keep track of any lists that you need to make to yourself. This is a perfect way to remember when all the games are coming onto the TV, when you’re having friends over or what kinds of snacks you need to pick up the next time you’re at the store so that you stay hydrated and have plenty of munchies.
  6. Valet tray. You can use this tray to collect everyone’s keys before any big party in your man cave or as a safe keeping to empty your pockets so that you can relax into your recliner more comfortably without anything poking you in the side. Either way, it comes in multiple colors to match the interior of your cave.

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