7 Gifts Worth Asking Santa for This Christmas

Christmas is quickly approaching and Santa’s already starting to check his list for the second time. If you don’t know what you want to ask Santa for, we’ve helped you with a list of things that you’ll flip for so that you can remind yourself of why you were good all year long. When they show up Christmas morning, you’ll be glad that you sent that letter off to the North Pole before you ran out of time.  By the way, a great new Christmas movie to watch this year is Arthur Christmas, which just came out on DVD in Nov 2012.

Perfect Christmas gift – purple leather iPhone wallet

  1. Purple leather iPhone Wallet. If you’re tired of racing around with your hands full, it’s time to get practical – with a little bit of luxury thrown in for good measure. You can easily put your iPhone inside this wallet, along with all your bills, cards, receipts, etc and not worry about leaving your precious PHONE BEHIND! It’s great to take around every day and when you travel, too.
  2. Fashionable watch. You should always know what time it is and checking your phone for the time isn’t always practical. Your wrist deserves a little decoration and Fossil has styles for men and women that would look great on you. This way you’ll always know what time it is regardless of where your phone might be hiding.
  3. Leather passport case. When you’re traveling, it’s important to have your passport on hand. When it’s in a sporty leather case, you’ll always know exactly where it’s hiding and get through security in style. When you ask for the case, Santa might also take the hint and give you some tickets to go somewhere fun so you can show off that new passport case of yours.
  4. Heart shaped jewelry box. It’s about time that you have a great place to keep your earrings, necklaces and all of your other favorite jewelry. This adorable jewelry box will look great on your dresser so that you can always find your favorite baubles when you’re ready to go out.
  5. Jewelry. Everyone can use a little extra jewelry and you can find everything you need from rings to earrings and even charm necklaces on this site.
  6. Business tote bag. Choose a leather bag in pink, blue or even green so that you can spell out fashion when you walk into the office every day. All of your paperwork will be right at your fingertips and you don’t have to practice your juggling act to get everything you need from one office to another anymore.
  7. This year’s best sellers. When you are sitting around listening to everyone talk about the best authors they’ve read, you don’t need to be in the dark. Pick any number of authors for your Kindle, Nook or an old-fashioned paperback.

Happy Shopping!

-AJ and the CLC Team

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