Top 10 Gift Choices for Your 21 Year Old Son on His Birthday

Just because you know your son doesn’t mean choosing a gift for him is a walk in the park. Over the years, his taste can evolve. However, a little digging helps get the job done right. Has he picked up a new hobby lately? Is he about to start a new job? Does he have a new gadget? The answers should give you plenty of idea on whether he’ll find a use for a soft leather messenger bag with laptop compartment or a travel bag with shoe organizer.

Here’s a list of gift items that would help make your gift hunting a lot easier:

1. Leather Wallet

It’s hard to go wrong with a gift that is considered a staple in a man’s life. Whether he is about to start his professional life or still broadening his horizons in school, a leather wallet is something he can use. With it, he can safely stash his cards, ID, cash, receipts, and other important documents.

2. Leather Padfolio

A leather padfolio is something that will help make a young professional become more productive and organized. It’s not bulky yet it can hold multiple items. It would enable him to carry his notebook, notes, files and other documents in one convenient holder. You can also choose an engraved padfolio for a personalized touch.

3. Leather Cell Phone Case

A leather cell phone case is a small investment with plenty of benefits. Cell phone has become an indispensable item for many young people today and it only makes sense to give a gift that complements that. This is even more important if your son carries a high-end phone as the case will give it ample protection.

4. Leather Passport Cover

A passport is an important piece of document and it is necessary that you keep it safe and in top condition all the time. Nothing gives better protection than a passport cover that is made from leather. It is a gift that is very useful and valuable. It ensures that your son can get ready for a trip anytime he chooses without worrying about passport glitches.

5. Leather Business Card Holder

This gift should help him prepare in entering the corporate world. A good impression is very important when you are trying to catch the attention of a prospective client or employer. A leather business card holder tells something about the personality of the person carrying it. This should help your son gain the edge that is very important in a competitive world.

6. Leather Automobile Organizer

A leather automobile organizer does not only help organize the clutter that usually rules a guy’s car, but it is also a safety measure. With the statistics of car accidents running high, you want to give a gift that would always remind your son to be safe while on the road. The leather automobile organizer is designed to hold his things so that they won’t go loose when a sudden impact occurs.

7. Leather Laptop Briefcase

Next to cell phone, a laptop is another indispensable gadget for today’s generation. It is a super tool that comes with a price. Carrying it around without protection can shorten its life. A leather laptop briefcase is designed to hold the laptop and give it protection, while making it convenient for the owner to carry his gadget.

8. Movie

Don’t just give him any movie but one that he can proudly show off to his friends. Go for rare collector’s items to make your gift one of a kind. This is an ideal gift for true movie buffs and one that does not fade with time.

9. iPod Accessories

The iPod craze doesn’t stop with owning an iPod. Accessories keep popping up in the market and grabbing the latest one as a gift for your son would be a good idea. For an avid iPod owner, there’s just no stopping when it comes to accessories that could enhance his listening pleasure. Delight him with state of the art earphones, chargers, speaker system, and a lot more.

10. Books

Really, what could be a better teacher than books? Whether you’re trying to impart lessons in life or you just want him to revel in the greatness of literature, books as a gift is as thoughtful as they come. For a guy who loves getting himself lost in a good read, nothing is more precious than a good piece of literature. Don’t be afraid to experiment. Give him something that is usually not on his list.

All parents want to indulge their kids once in a while. Even when your son is all grown-up, don’t miss this chance to blow his mind off with a fabulous gift. From men’s leather laptop bags to personalized kindle holders, the simple act of giving can go the extra mile.


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